Gifts galore

April 08, 2010

As I promised, here are most of the gifts that I got for my birthday :

A painting of a little angel from Grete

A drawing of Audrey Hepburn from Annabel

Audrey Hepburn earrings from Kätliin

Earrings from my aunt, I also got a bracelet of the same kind and a dress from Gina Tricot with kind of the same pattern

Really hot earrings from Liisa

Twiggy earrings from Grete

A T-shirt from Oskar, it says "I'm 16 and..." on one side and " all are straight A-s" on the other side.

You've already seen my Sakis cake from Kaisa and Getter.I also got a theatre gift-card from Marion and a bookshop giftcard. Merelle made me candy, they are delicious. Carolin made me lip-balm, it smells like vanilla and lemon, fantastic. From my parents I got a skirt from Monton.

Big thanks to all of you !

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  1. Ghh see viimane pilt meenutab ka mingit Sakise liigutust. Sakis-madness.


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