Living in a postcard

June 08, 2010

I've spent the last few days in Tallinn's Old Town with Getter. Right now are the Old Town days and it is so fun, so many tourists and something is going on all the is so amazing, all these little houses and old old streets, I truly feel like living in a postcard. On Sunday we climbed to the top of the St.Olaf's church and since we had bubble blowers, we bubbled down from there:)I'm terribly afraid of heights and in the beginning it was spooky. When most people can't look down, then I get so afraid when I look up. And yesterday was a much warmer day, so we sat in Town Hall Square and enjoyed the sun and cheered for all the people taking part in the rat race.

Viimased päevad olen Tallinna vanalinnas veetnud. Praegu on veel vanalinnapäevad ka ja kogu aeg toimub midagi ja igal pool on turistid ja see on nii maagiline. Vahel tundub nagu elaksin postkaardis, vanalinnas on ni imeline olla:) Käisime Getteriga Oleviste kirkiku tornis mullitamas ja istusime Raekoja platsil ja vaatasime Rat race'i .

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