ooh, Summer

July 14, 2010

It is so hot outside, some heatwave from Africa came and took control over Europe. Well, I stay in my newly decorated room, with air-conditioning and ice cream :) Yes, my room is now finally ready. I LOVE it. I love the wallpaper, and the light, and the atmosphere in the room.
My vintage cupboard, it fits perfectly with the wallpaper, it gives my room such a romantic feel :)

Here I've made a little corner for my shoes and bags. They're nicely hidden, but approachable.. And my NY calendar, I could stare at those pictures and dream, dream , dream ..
This is what I like to call an "art" corner of my room. We found this painting on top of my wardrobe, and I decided to hang it there. Unfortunately, no one of us knows the value of it. Maybe it belongs to a museum... OK, I doubt it :)

Lõpuks sai mu toa ümberkujundamine ka valmis. Mulle niiii meeldib see tapeet, see loob nii hea atmosfääri. See vana kapp koos selle tapeediga teeb mu toa nii romantiliseks. Siis mul on veel üks nurk mu kottide ja kingade jaoks. Mõnusalt peidus, aga ikkagi pääsen neile ligi. Ja siis veel kunstinurk :) Leidsin selle maali oma kapi otsast ja arvasin, et see sobiks sinna.


  1. I love your wallpaper! Really cute room. And I like your blog, I'm following :)


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