Time to load my batteries

October 08, 2010

This school week has been so busy. Tests every day, all together 8 tests, how crazy is that?! At the end of today, everyone was so messed up already, couldn't understand anything and just wished for the bell the ring. And yes, I'd call the end of today " saved by the bell" :) After school, Getter, Liisa and I took pictures in the park, to get Getter's vintage-camera film full,. And then outfit shots, that you'll see probably Sunday, because tomorrow I'm going to Viljandi with my family. just a random trip to Viljandi, I hope I'll find something cool :)
Yesterday I bought myself the book Minu London, and my mom bought me the new Mood, so it is an evening and  weekend full of reading and relaxing.

A cup of chamomille tea, great books and magazines.


  1. piia, kummeliteee???? võta aru pähe tsik :D:D

  2. see on nii hea ! eriti veel meega, tõntõntõõ !

  3. ma loen ka minu londonit hetkel ;)


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