November 09, 2010

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. When we got round to taking them, it was already dark, and the school lighting isnt the best. Flash left all the pictures.. well to flashy and without it , they were a bit blurry. I just felt like I needed to post something else than cool pics from other blogs.
This week has been really busy( and the previous week). There's quite much studying, badminton practice, I finally want to finish my DIY thing and to top everything, we have a contest at school on Friday and we have been practicing our dance like crazy ! Wish us luck, anyway :) We are performing Florence& The Machine- Heavy in your arms. There's definitely going to be a video and lots of pictures. Be patient ! :)

bershka cardigan, thrifted top, skirt from Viljandi, random gray cotton tights, bowtie flats

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