starry skies and heaps of snow

January 20, 2011

You can tell that school has started because there are no new posts on my blog. I spent the whole last weekend at an international badminton tournament as a line judge, and just enjoying the games. With the money I earned, I want to buy myself a dress.. we'll see :)
Today I decided that instead of going to badminton training, I'll stay home and cook dinner. And since it was light when I came home( first sign of spring approaching?), I had Pirje take outfit shots of me, despite the fact that I almost drowned in the snow.
This weekend, Getter and Kaisa are coming over, we'll have kind of a camp-out here, since my family is away and I'm afraid to be home alone at night. Expect a lot of pictures from the weekend.

thrifted top and skirt  from Viljandi, lindex cardigan, reserved over-knees

this is a blouse that I got from viljandi in autumn, I decided to wear it for the first time, it has been hanging in my closet for months!

my new over-knees , I think that these were the first thing that I bought for euros..they remind me of starry skies, haha.


  1. wow you could ttly drown in that! awesomeness. those knee highs are pretty cool too. maybe ill get my grammy to make me a copy :)

  2. D:thank you :)
    M: oo, suur aitäh !


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