paper bag 2.0

February 14, 2011

This is a DIY project that I had in my mind for a ling time and I finally got round to doing it some weeks ago. This is a clutch bag that is folded from wallpaper and newspaper. It doesn't fit much, but the necessary keys-wallet-phone fits.I love the fact that the article on the top is about one of my favourtie band Scissor Sisters :) I kind of got inspiration from this The doctor bag by Ceebee, which was in a giveaway on The Fashion Fruit some time ago.


  1. Lahe! Kas seda kotti oli raske teha?

  2. love the one with the cartoons all over it.

  3. kas see vist pole eriti vastupidav või on?

  4. Lela: ei, lihtsalt liimisin ja voltisin :)
    Hannaliis: ma ei usu, et ta väga kiirelt ära kulub, sest ta on suht tugev, aga vihmase ilmaga ei käi :)


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