Pearl top tutorial

August 07, 2011

When I posted pictures of this top then some of you asked me to post the tutorial also. Of course I forgot to take pictures of the process when I made the blouse and I most certainly didn't feel like making a new one so there was only one solution. I decided to put my mad drawing skills to good use !( Yes, that was clear sarcasm, I'm quite bad at drawing.)
It's really a simple DIY , but I hope this tutorial helps you a bit!  If you have any questions then feel free to ask me , because the tutorial might be a bit difficult to understand..
And if someone makes a similar top, then please, send me a picture. I want to see your creations !
The first step is to measure and cut the holes. I made mine a bit too large and I suggest that you use a piece of paper or a stencil to make them exactly the same size.
The next thing to do is turn and sew the edges. If you want to you can skip that step, depends on the material and your skills. I sewed mine with a sewing machine, but you can absolutely do it by hand also.
Step three is the most important and most time consuming one. You need to hand sew the pearls one by one to the cut-out edges. Turn on some good music and be patient! :)
Now you're ready and can enjoy wearing the piece you've just created!


  1. This seems great :) Maybe gonna try it!

  2. This looks awesome, if I find a blouse I can spare/risk to ruin with my questionable sewing skills, I'll definitely give it a try!

  3. thanks for the tip i'm now making some research to see if they send them worldwide hahah

    by the way i have had your tumblr on my ipod favorites for months now and i just realize it was yours!! i loved your pictures, always post them on my facebook page!

  4. What a cute DIY! I definitely need to give it a go - I love nice and simple DIYs!

    Lost in the Haze

  5. I'm linking this in my post tomorrow!


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