Tallinn Fashion Week day 1 shows

September 15, 2011

Tallinn Fashion Week started yesterday and I'm super-exited. My life is so busy this week, but it's all worth it. I managed to make it to yesterday's last show, which was by Loomeinkubaator. It consisted of 5 different designer's collections. Since i sat at a quite bad spot to take pictures, then  I had to take them from the internet. I also don't have yesterday's outfit, sine it was kind of a last minute decision to go. But you'll see what I'll be wearing to TFW the next three days and also all the pictures from the shows that I'm attending.

The first one was Xenia Joost, who showed a wonderfully cute children's collection for next fall/winter. The models where oh-so-cute and I loved that they all had children's masks as hats. The collection was really fun and playful.

Next came Jaana Varkki's collection. It was my least favourite of the five, since it was nothing new. It used all the fabrics and cuts(batwing sleeves for example) that have been around for a long time and it wasn't very interesting to watch. Although, I loved the black headpiece on one of the models and the dress on the first picture.

Then came Lilli Jahilo's collection It was feminine and flowy and had taken a lot of inspiration from nature and autumn. It was really classical and very suitable for the stereotypical Estonian woman's style. It was absolutely beautiful, I especially liked the coats. The colours were also lovely soft fall colours.

The fourth one was Kalle Aasamäe, which was the only menswear collection. This was probably my favourite. The designer was inspired by India and it definitely showed. The men wore big necklaces and accessories and really cool summer suits.

The last collection was by Liina Stein. She had divided it into two parts. The first one was really powerful and strong, it included lots of leather and fur. It also had dresses with huge prints on them worn with red suede(!) shoes. The second part was feminine, with wonderfully flowy dresses with sequins and open backs.When I saw the dresses I thought that if I ever attended a red carpet event, then one of these dresses would be perfect for it :)

photos c/o Teet Malsroos from Õhtuleht.


  1. Momentile ka jõudsid? seal näitas Xenia lisaks lastele ka loomingut naistele http://p6drad-teel.net/~liisa/striitstail/?postid=152

  2. ei jõudnud.. aga su blogi on meeletult lahe !


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