Guest post - Sian from Rebel Angel

July 16, 2012

For this year's holiday, I decided to invite some of my favourite bloggers over to guest-post for me while I'm away. This way I won't have a sad and empty blog and you'll get to know a few cool bloggers! Right now I should be on a ship to Stockholm, at the very start of my trip, so I hope you enjoy this lovely post from Sian.

Hi there Bowtie Diary readers! I'm Sian from Rebel Angel and I'm guest posting for Piia today! I was really excited when she asked me to post for her because I absolutely adore her style and outfits, and even more excited when we came up with the idea that I do an outfit based on one of hers – it's a little bit more interesting than me just posting any old outfit! I had a lot of fun looking back through Piia's archives to decide which outfit to use, and I eventually chose this one: Sunset Florals. It just so happened that I had a pair of floral trousers that I'd bought a while ago, worn several times in one go and not blogged about them, then forgot I had them! Well, this jogged my memory, and I just had to dig them out to create this outfit!

 Blouse: Primark
Floral Trousers: Primark
Heels: New Look
I loved the way that Piia styled hers with a nude blazer and a shirt, but unfortunately I don't own a nude blazer. So I decided to go for this faithful sheer blouse with a lovely collar, then I whacked on the heels to knock it up a notch (although I haven't worn the heels out with this outfit yet, because I wasn't actually going anywhere this day, just sitting around at home!!). Trousers are not really a typical thing for me to wear; I'm a lot more of a skirts and dresses person, but sometimes I find myself reaching for a pair of trousers or jeans and loving them! Of course, if I am wearing trousers, they're bound to be printed, patterned, brightly coloured or unusual in some other way because I just can't do normal, but that's me =D
Hope you've enjoyed my post, and thank you Piia for having me here! Pop on over to see my blog at Rebel Angel and say hi!!


  1. I lovelovelove these trousers Sian! Oh how I miss Primark! I love the original outfit too!
    Thank you for helping me find a new blog to read!

    Charlotte x

  2. Amazing pants! And pretty pics. :)
    Piia, it´s genious idea to let guest-posts be here while you are away.

  3. this is such a nice post! what a great idea, and btw i loved the recreation of the outfit!

  4. i love the floral trousers, such a sweet look! xx


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