Bowtie Diary interview: Bug wooden accessories

August 13, 2013

While I was at Positivus festival, I spotted a cute little stall at the market, among other equally fun ones, which offered an array of beautiful wooden bowties. Of course, when I got home, I just had to check them out online and following a few good hours lusting after their pretty wooden bows and exchanging some friendly emails, I made a little interview with the Latvian creators behind Bug wooden accessories. Enjoy this little feature and don't forget to check out their shop and Facebook page

Positivusel ringi käies märkasin nende väikesel laadal teiste vahvate seas üht hästi toredat müügipunkti, mille laual ilutsesid imeilusad puust lipsud. Koju jõudes uurisin nende kohta täpsemalt ja pärast pikka suuvesistamist ja sõbralikku kirjavahetust, sain võimaluse teha väike intervjuu läti disaineritega, kes on pead ja käed puuaksessuaaride brändi Bug taga. Loodetavasti teile meeldib see väike (kahjuks ingliskeelne) intrevjuu ja kindlasti ärge unustage pilku peale visata ka nende poele ja Facebooki lehele! 

Piia: Firstly, how old is Bug and how did you decide to launch it? 
Bug team: The idea of wooden bowties came about after a long period of thinking and brainstorming. It all began with the right creative setting (our then-new workshop), where we could experiment freely with an array of materials, coming up with the strangest of ideas, all thanks to our comprehensive skill set and experience.
The first Bug wooden bowties went up for sale just before Christmas 2012. We're a new company – just over half a year has passed since our launch.

P: What's the story behind the name Bug? 
B: Our name and logo were inspired by interpreting the shape of a bowtie as a bug - a butterfly. The creature has spread its wings and is looking to explore the world in the hunt for its right place and master.

P: Describe the process of making a Bug bow. 
B: Bugs are handmade using oak, maple, wenge, mahogany and amaranto woods. The unique, natural textures of these are emphasised with either linseed oil, wax or shellac polish. Only the best wood is chosen since it needs to be flexible enough for forming the special shape of the bowtie. Each bow consists of three layers. The fastening is concealed under the top layer, making Bugs stronger and quite simply prettier. We source our materials worldwide.

P: Do you have any cool new designs planned?
B: This month we're releasing something truly special for classic fashion lovers- wooden cuff links. Different wood veneers form a pattern along the sides of the cuff link and the top is beautiful Satin Walnut. Thanks to the wood's unique texture, no pair will be the same as another.
We're really exited about our bowtie and cuff link gift sets which will shortly be available. 

P: Have you considered using other interesting materials? 
B: Our ideas are always grounded in wood. This is intrinsic to our brand. However, we are considering pairing wood veneers with other materials like leather and precious metals in the future.

P: Why should people wear wooden bowties instead of usual ones? 
B: A fabric bowtie is a classic but we offer a more interesting accessory made out of a way more exciting material. Each Bug is a piece of art with the added value of great design. You can wear them both day to day and on special occasions – the opera, weddings, dates, proms and more. 

P: The important question for my readers is that where can Bugs be bought outside of Latvia? 
B: Estonian buyers can currently buy our bow ties at our Etsy store but we'd love for them to be able to see and feel our bow ties and barrettes before buying. So, drop us a line if you happen to be a design store manager in Estonia and would like to broaden your collection with some handmade wooden accessories.

P: If you could choose one ideal celebrity to wear a Bug, who would it be? 
B: Choosing just one proved quite the challenge! Since there are three of us in the Bug team, we chose four:
  1. Toomas Hendrik Ilves- His wardrobe would be nicely complemented by a wooden bow tie.
  2. Devendra Banhart- He is a person who's look and personality embodies the naturalness of our bowties.
  3. Bjork- Original hair barrettes for her expressive look.
  4. Ed Westwick- Gentleman look on screen which oozes elegance.

P: What are Bugs plans for the future? 
B: We want to become a well-known, trustworthy brand not only in Latvia but also further afield. To help us achieve this, we'll be working on various other wooden accessories for ladies and gentlemen. 

(Since I'm starting journalism studies in autumn, I'm thinking of making this into a slightly regular feature to improve my interview skills and introduce new talent to you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!)


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