Up in the Air

March 21, 2010

Some time ago I went to the cinema with my mom to see this film. Be both had quite high hopes, because it had George Clooney, one of my favourite actors and the trailer wasn't bad either.
It is a movie about a guy who fires people, it is his job. He flies across the country and loves it. He doesn't even have a real home, his homes are all the airports. Then a young woman Natalie comes and says that she has developed a system where you can fire people on the Internet. Ryan ( George Clooney) doesn't like the idea and his boss says that he has to take Natalie with him to introduce her the job and the lifestyle. -he doesn't like it because he likes being alone, he has a system for everything and suddenly someone comes and breaks that system.
He teaches Natalie the basics and they even start to get along. Then in one hotel, Ryan meets a woman called Alex who is just like him, travels for living and has a thing for plastic cards. Ryan also has a goal - he wants to get 10 million mile points , this way he gets the elite status .
Ryan and Alex try to match their schedules to meet each other as much as possible. They have lots of fun and Ryan even thinks of having something serious with Alex, although it is totally against his beliefs. Ryan and Alex go together to Ryan's sister's wedding, Ryan starts to socialise with his family and everything is OK.
Then one day he goes to Chicago to see Alex at her home and he finds out that she has a husband and children. On the way there he reaches his 10 million points, but now he doesn't care about what once was the goal of his life. Ryan and Alex end their relationship, he quits his jobs and flies into the sunset.
It wasn't such a good movie that we hoped for, but it still had a deep thought and now thinking back to it, it seems a lot better than when walking out of the movie-theatre. It is not a comedy, but it has its funny parts. It is not a heart-breaker , but it is still kind of sad and makes you think.

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