Feel-good movies

April 06, 2010

It is SPRING! Hip-hip-hurra! Finally! I totally enjoyed walking home from the bus-stop because the warm breeze and the sun were stroking my face. It is so warm ! Yesterday I sat in the sun and got a little tan on my face.
So, lately I've been watching some of my favourite movies again and I decided to do a post about them. Here are my feel good movies.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's. I found out about it in the Gossip Girls books and last year I got the movie and the book for my birthday from my parents. Tiffany's is just the kind of movie , that when I've watched it I feel better inside. I like that Holly is very free-spirited and a wild thing , but then Paul brings her back on earth and they find each other . And it isn't weird at all that Holly is kept up by men, she thinks it is totally obvious to have 50$ for the powder room and cab money and she likes that and she never thinks she's done something wrong. Holly Golithly is so classy, beautiful and the kind of person I want to relate to. And it doesn't bother me that I've already seen it about 5 times. That way I can quote along :)

2. Zoolander. You might think that it is a usual comedy, but actually it is much more. It has all those hidden messages that I find after watching it for 3 times . And the jokes are classic. it's the kind of movie that makes me crack up every time i see it . It is about male models and the tough fashion-world. The main character-Derek Zoolander- is so simpleminded, naive and silly. He likes the simple things in life and doesn't bother with the hard ones. And he only has one look, although everyone thinks theres 4 : Ferrari, Le Tigre, Blue Steel and the famous Magnum.

3. Notting Hill. It was just on TV one day and I watched it again. It is so old that it's turning into a classic already. they are wearing clothes from the nineties , which are almost cool again :) It is such a cute love-story, so spontaneous and nice. plus it has English humour and Hugh Grant . And the roommate Spike adds a nice touch :)

4. Love Actually. Another Hugh Grant movie. He is one of my favourite male actors. Love Actually is a must-watch film during Christmas. I like it how the different lives of very different people come together in the end. Of course it has marvellous love-stories between the prim Minister and his secretary, a writer and his maid, a small boy and a girl, the Englishman who went to USA to search for love and found himself a hottie etc.
After watching that movie, Christmas spirit is guaranteed.

Sorry for not doing it in Estonian also, translating is such a bore.

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