Draama ja trall.

May 11, 2010

/Drama and fun/
It was sooo warm today, it wasn't cold taking these pictures( ps, my sister helped me ) But the sun still doesn't want to be seen, it's a shame. I dressed very light and springy today, hoping to make up for the bad weather. I even straightened my hair, I haven't done it in months !A few days ago I found out that Scissor Sisters is coming to Tallinn in the summer! I hope I can go, beacuse they are so cool :)

H&M shirt, Monton skirt, bowtie flats, pastel-orange tights:)

My new shoes, I like them soo much. They're already one week old :)

My DIY watch-ring.

Täna oli nii soe, neid pilte tehes polnud üldse külm(ps, mu õde aitas mind). Aga päike ei taha ikka, et keegi teda näeks, sellest on kahju. Panin täna heledad ja kevadised riided selga, et seda korvata, isegi sirgendasin oma juukseid üle pika aja :) Paar päeva tagasi sain teada, et Scissor Sisters esineb suvel Tallinnas, tahaksin hullult vaatama minna, nad on nii vinged!

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