Lack of accesories

July 06, 2010

I spent my Saturday shopping and watching football in the main square with Getter. I found myself a perfect long maxi dress for only 99 EEK( 6,4 euros). I've told you about , how I want myself beige trousers, well I kind of found those too, but I now need to decide, which ones I want :)
About that skirt: I was at the beach with my mom and I pointed to a picture in a fashion magazine. A woman from the fifties was wearing a similar skirt. I told her that this outfit could be very easily worn today, it is so classic and timeless. And she said, hey, I have that kind of a skirt .Voila :)

random top, my mom's skirt and belt, bowtie flats and a thrifted bag + I totally forgot to accesorize :)

Käisin Laupäeval Getteriga linnas poodlemas ja Vabaduse väljakul jalkat vaatamas. Ma sain endale suurepärase pika suvekleidi ja peaaegu leidsin endale ka beežid püksid. See seelik on mu ema oma ja ma juhuslikult avastasin selle, kui näitasin talle ajakirjas sarnast seelikut ja ta ütles,et hei, mul on ka selline :) Praegu olen Kohilas, oma tädi juures/maakohas ja naudin päikest :)


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)