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August 27, 2010

This week has practically flown by and I have had no time to write :)
Wonday-Wednesday we were at Getter's. We went there by bikes..37 km from my house to hers. Since we had two nights, then we managed to watch four movies :
Little Ashes- It was kind if uninteresting, but I liked how they had portrayed Salvador Dali. When he went to art school, he wasn't very confident, but when he was a big artist in Paris, he was arrogant and selfish. And it was  a sweet gay-love-story. :)
The Runaways- It was really cool. All the rock'n'roll and all. Although I hated Kristen steward's hair in the movie. She didn't look good at all. But Dakota Fanning was great. It is such a shame, that the band didn't last that long.
Superbad- totally a typical high-school comedy, but it was nice for a change
Sweeney Todd- It was amazing, so thrilling through the movie and the ending was really surprising.

On Tuesday I went to the cinema with my sister to see Letters to Juliet. It was such a sweet movie . Although the trailer pretty much spoils the whole movie, it was still good. I thought that it would be a cliche, but it wasn't. Romantic comedies are always such feel-good movies, I walked away smiling ad feeling great :)

Today I went to the old-town with Getter. I was being a good friend and listened to all her complaints about her almost-siblings. Then we bought ourselves big sandwiches from Bristo and coke. There's a campaign, that every fifth bottle wins a new Coke. Getter is a total addict and has bought it the whole summer, but hasn't won anything. I haven't bought Coke for ages and today I won :) yay !

thrifted shirt, blazer- pta, trousers-vero moda
selfmade ring, bag and clock from my mom

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