All the Blair Waldorfs in the world

October 20, 2010

It has been such a busy week. Not many tests really, but just.. busy . I went to an art gallery with Liisa yesterday after school, we had to go for our art history class.
Tomorrow the 6 of us are going to bake a cake for our school's baking competition! how fun is that! And for a whole lesson we will be able to eat all the 19 (!) cakes.
And then it's fall break! I have so many things planned already. 2 DIY projects, one I've already started, then a trip to Viljandi with Getter and Kaisa and mainly, I just have to relax, as we all do.
Just 2 more days , so hang in there!
Note to self: A windy day after school is not good for taking pictures, hair looks like a mess! And it was kind of awkward to take off my coat and sweater in the middle of the street, and then put them back on again.

H&M skirt, thrifted shirt and shoes, gray tights and cardigan from Lindex. I was also wearing my mother's school ring with and owl, that I found one day, when I was raiding her jewellery box. I always manage to find something :)


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)