brown&black again

October 11, 2010

On Saturday I went to Viljandi with my family. The weather was great, so warm and beautiful. And Viljandi is such a cute town.
What I got: wooden bangles from Univeraal Universum, this H&M skirt, dark brown and dark teal nail polish, brown tights and a new super soft pillow.
 I read from a blog that there is a shop in Viljandi that sells brand new H&M clothes from previous seasons for a cheap price. I got the skirt from there. Thank you, Bash.
Yes, this nail polish is dark-brown , not black. It is a bit darker, than I expected, but still great for fall and winter.

I wore this outfit today with my grandmother's locket. It is such a small accessory, but it makes a usual outfit so special :)
It was so peaceful walking in the Viljandi castle-hills. The autumn around us was perfect and the medieval ruins were so graceful.

A cool cafe. I really like the comic-style sign. And the food was also great,. I had pasta with blue cheese and brocoli- yumm :)

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  1. Oi kui ilus seelik & sobib Sulle nagu valatult :) Pean ka uuesti sinna Hetikasse uurima vist minema :)


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