100th post !

December 17, 2010

It should be raining confetti now, and people should be blowing whistles !
I am very exited to reach the 100 post milestone. Blogging is such a great experience. It has given me a lot more courage to wear what I like and not worry about others. Now, when I shop I think about my blog and create outfits in my head. And sometimes, just walking around the city , I see great places where to take outfit posts. I love those note-to-self moments :)
I'll be celebrating this post with a usual outfit. Unfortunately the pictures were taken at school, because it is kind of dark when I get home and I couldn't think of anyone who would like to be outside without wearing a warm coat, because we have SO much snow, and the temperature is below zero all the time.
Tonight is our school's Christmas ball. It is going to be very festive and magical . I'm looking forward to it so much. You'll definitely see the pictures. Oh, and it is a masked ball which is just a big plus.
AND I have something special planned for my dear readers, since it is the 100th post and Christmas.

lbd from gina tricot, lindex cardigan, thrifted bag, and belt from Spain

a DIY ring that I also wore to grete's bday. it is kind of uncomfortable, but beauty requires sacrifices :)

My mom was in Spain last week and she got me this HUGE bowtie belt. The name of my blog keeps justifying itself, I think I have a small obsession :)


  1. Veery Very cute dress and that ring OMG! :) Love.

  2. Greeeat outfit! I love your ring & that belt! You are adorable : )

    KF x

  3. Ooooooooooh my gosh that belt is STUNNING and so much fun!!! Bows are without a doubt my favourite accessory...I always have one in my hair, and frequently on my clothing/shoes :) Congrats on post 100...glad to be your new follower!

    <3 Cambria


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)