December 02, 2010


song: Robyn- Hang with me Acoustic version and Yeah Yeah Yeahs- heads will roll
book: Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
newest thing: a pink skirt and a hat with a big bowtie from the fleamarket
thing to expect: our school's christmas ball, which is themed Masquerade ball, how amazing is that !
weekend plans: hopefully working as a volounteer at EFA, but if not, then home-weekend , yay !
wish: my christmas wishlist, which includes ( besides my wishlist on the right :) ) Franks Sinatra christmas songs CD, skates, burberry the beat edt and lots more !

We went to the old town with Getter today, to take pics with her Fed and of course we went to Bonaparte and of course I had to buy macaroons again. They look so cute and are just as tasty. My favourite is the orange and pistachio one :)


  1. nüüd sulle siis järsku maitsevad macaroonsid või?? :D

  2. need on paremad, kui eelmine kord, ja getter ütles, et talle ei maitse need ! vot.

  3. These pics are so cute!

    Lovely blog you have here!



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