Blogger spotlight : Simple et chic

March 22, 2011

Today I'd love to introduce you the lovely Valerie from Simple et chic. She's a young blogger from Germany. She has the cutest blog and great personal style. I love to read her blog. I hope you'll enjoy this little interview I did with her and you'll like her as much as I do :)
And as a coincidence, it's her birthday today!  Consider this as a gift from me :)

 1. Where do you live?  I live in a smalll town in Germany near Frankfurt.

2. Do you think that the place where you live has affected your style/clothing?How?Well, the town where I live is so small and honestly not very stylish. I'm glad that big citys like Frankfurt and Heidelberg aren't far away and good to reach by train. But I think the place where I live has definitely influences on what I wear because I would get dressed differently in bigger cities like Paris, New York, Milano, Berlin or London and of course in a club or something I would dress more chic as in my hometown.
The people here are dressed average and maybe they are not brave enough to try out new trends.I find it very sad!

3.What is your favourite piece of clothing?This is a really hard question, because in my closet I love every single piece from there, so it's hard to me to pic only one but I can tell you that I love my burgundy Asos bag and a new transparent nude blouse I bought at H&M.

4.What is your favourite place to shop at ?My favourite places to shop are vintagemarkets, Zara, Primark, Topshop, Blanco and Onlineshops : Asos and Spanish Moss

5. Where do you get inspiration from?I feel inspired by so many things like photos or magazines, books, quotes, blogs, people on the street or places I like. But the most inspiring persons to me are Audrey Hepburn, Carrie Bradshaw, Alexa Chung and Coco Chanel.

6. What do you do as a job? What are you hobbies?I'm still in school but I hopefully will pass my exams next year , so I can study journalism and move to Berlin to come closer my dream about working for a significant fashionmagazine one day.In my free time I work as a waitress in a restaurant. I love to take photos with friends, to read inspiring books or just being creative and work on my scrapbook. I love sunny days in the city with my girls, drinking some coffee and talk about everything and anything. I also love long walks with my dog Nala.

7. How did you find your way to blogging? The idea to start a blog, was one of those spontaneous ideas that come suddenly to your mind. I have a big scrapbook where I collect things which inspire me and it's mostly about fashion so I thought one day that I could share my passion to fashion with other people all over the world and it was one of the best decisions ever .

8. What makes a succesful fashion blog?Personality ! I think this is the most important thing.

9. What blogs do you like? What are your favourite blogs?I have more than 450 blogs in my Bloglovin so its very difficult to pic one out but I love the chicmuse, stylescrapbook ,afterdrk, les mads, birds of a feather flock together, studded hearts ... well the list is long!

10. What is the most important part of an outfit?accessories! I think they complete the perfect outfit.

11. How/where/when do you write your usual blog post ?That changes everyday . Sometimes in the night when I do research for my blog and sometimes in cafe's , on my balcony,in my bed or on my desk.

12. What has been the best experience as a blogger?The best experience was definitely the Fashion week in Berlin this January. It was awesome to see all the fashionshows and meet so many new interesting people.

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