spring brunch

March 20, 2011

Happy spring break everyone ! Oh, I can't believe that it has finally arrived! And that it actually seems to be spring outside.. or something like that.
I celebrated the start of spring break with Getter and Kaisa. They came to my place, we watched "Amelie" and made fondue. Yesterday morning we went to the flea market with Getter( I didn't get anything though), where we met Anna and as a spur of the moment decided to go to Boheem. It is one of the cutest cafes in Tallinn, the prices are OK and the food is oh-so-delicious ! We had brunch( or late breakfast, as Getter) and enjoyed the catching up :)
I'm dedicating today to doing absolutely nothing profitable. Just.. relaxing :)

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  1. huh my spring break hasn't started, and one of friend's is already over. they are all randomly placed this year.


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