March 03, 2011

I'd really like to renew my spring/summer wardrobe, and I have even managed to save some money for that. Sadly, I don't really have the time to go shopping. And the other thing is that most of the clothes are so overpriced. So I've been thinking about online-shopping.It has always seemed like a scary thought, kind of what-if-i-pay-for-the-thing-and-then-all-my-money-gets-lost-or-the-post loses-what-i-bought. Now , when I discovered Fashiolista, it has become real. I check all the items, that I like, where they're sold and how much they cost. There have been some things that I've really wanted to buy. And then I find out that a) they don't ship to Estonia, b)the shipping to Estonia costs a fortune. I discovered a cool Spanish online shop from a blog, found a really great spring skirt, it didn't cost much and the tag said that shipping costs 7€, which is quite reasonable.  Then I made an account for myself , registered my address in Estonia, and then the shipping was 33€. Why the hell? The skirt cost 16€, and shipping costs double as much ?! Do shipping companies really think that sending to Estonia means more security risks and more costs on delivering? We are a member of the EU, geographically  in Europe, and not that far from Spain(or United Kingdom for that matter). Is it because we border Russia and used to be a part of the Soviet Union? Well, that was 20 years ago, I think that it's time to get over that and see that our country is also developed, active and safe.


  1. Ma olen sinuga täiesti nõus. Üks mõnus asjalik postitus :)

  2. ära üldse muretse, ma saatsin jaanuaris siit eestisse pakki ja see oli 58 franki(üle kuuesaja krooni)


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