Color coordinated shopping

March 05, 2011

Today I went to the flea market with Getter, Liisa and Anna. I hadn't been for such a long time, but luckily I'm quite used to the euros already and managed to avoid buying things for their seemingly low price.
The weather was amazing, I'm starting to think that spring is already here! It was warm and sunny, and even the massive piles of snow showed signs of melting.
So, what I got: a trench coat for only 2€( thank you kind lady, you made my day!), a knitted top/jumper, wooden ring, vintage earrings( that I might turn into rings, don't know yet), a vintage pendant( that might also become a ring.. ) , a bow-tie hair comb and a studded belt. A very productive flea-market in my opinion, I managed to spend under 10 € and get so much stuff.

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  1. great pictures, they look like cool items.


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