Nordic Look

April 28, 2011

I have been chosen as one of the bloggers for the Nordic Look festival here in Tallinn in May 2011. It is a series of design events that unites Estonian designers with ones from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Nordic Look values art, creativity, nature and sustainable manufacturing. The designers that are a part of Nordic Look: Camilla Welton, Christina Ledang, De Sade by Mads, Helicopter, IVANAHelsinki, KAKSITVÅ, Katvig, NOIR, REVERY, Sonja Bent, Tiia Vanhatapio and  titiMadam. I get to go to all of the events and meet the designers behind the amazing brands.

p.s. Kõik eestlased , kes on üritustest vähegi huvitatud, siis siin on kava. Toimuvad seminarid, esitlused, kontserdid, näitused ja palju muud. Kõik üritused on Hopneri majas Raekoja platsil ning mis peamine, tasuta !


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  1. what an amazing thing to be a part of. lots of pictures!


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