May 06, 2011

I think it is clear to everyone, who that outfit was inspired by..
I've wanted to take pictures of this outfit so long ago, I've worn it several times. Finally, one day I got round to doing it :) This is the same sweater seen here.
In other news, this week has been super busy, school-wise. Next week will be busy too, but more fun-wise . It is the Eurovision week,I plan to watch each semi final in a different place( Getter's and my place that is )  and if everything goes well,  we'll go to Kaisa's for the final again, just like last year. And on Tuesday , there's a free stage at our school and also some Nordic Look events.

sweater from pull and bear, school uniform shirt, skirt from getter, diy ring


  1. The outfit is really nice :).
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    Alla moda e con stile

  2. Thank you so much for your comment =) You look lovely here, so cute! I love the colour of that jumper =)
    Following you!

  3. it's inspired by Harry Potter! lol, its makes me think of Emma Watson. that ring is amazing btw.


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