Never give up

August 15, 2011

Although it seems that the eternal optimist in me should give up on summer and deal with the fact that fall is knocking on our door. I hate that in August everyone starts asking about school, every shop has a school campaign and even if I wanted to I just couldn't enjoy the last month of summer properly. It's not that I have anything against fall, in fact it's quite beautiful. And school always seems cool for the first.. month or so. But I know that in February I'll be waiting for summer so badly and cursing myself for not taking it all from the last summer.
Even my subconscious understands that it's almost fall already, just the Aries in me stubbornly refuses to deal with it. Looking at these photos now, everything about it is very.. September. The colours remind me of fallen leaves and I chose leaf-shaped earrings!! Just the setting around me doesn't have the same colour-scheme as I do.

top-random brand
cardigan-from the flea market
shoes-from my mom

And the giveaway is open until tomorrow night, so who hasn't participated, then you still have some time !!


  1. Hmm, kus kohas nood pildid täpsemalt tehtud on? :)

  2. Väga ilus outfit. Värvid on nii ilusad :)!

  3. That skirt is so pretty! I understand how you feel about fall, I feel like a always wait for summer the longest. But then again, whenever a new season starts, i am always really excited...


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