Don't let go

August 12, 2011

Today I got together with Kaisa and Getter for a much-needed girl-time . As a result, I bought myself my very first lipstick, it was so difficult to choose one with all the different prices and colours. In the end I went for a Manhattan lipstick in a lovely coral shade.Afterwards we wandered to a sushi place we'd wanted to try for so long. It was really good.. and cheap. It's called Oishii sushi and it's at Rävala street( all my readers in Tallinn, I really really recommend that place). And every day, from 20.00-21.00 the have a 50% discount on the sushi for takeout, how amazing is that !

About the outfit.. This is the skirt that I got from Kuressaare and after wearing it today, I absolutely adore it. It's perfectly flowy and sheer and pleated and it has polka dots ! A skirt probably can't get any better than this, right? The shirt is something that I kind of rediscovered from my closet, I love it when that happens :) And the nailpolish is a new addition to my khaki collection .

On the background are one of my favourite houses in Tallinn. A wonderful block of colourful apartment buildings.

 skirt- thrifted
shirt- new yorker
bag- vintage from my mom
necklace- c/o threadsence via chictopia
shoes- random brand
rings- diy+from the flea market


  1. The skirt is absolutely gorgeous, and you're such a beautiful girl, Piia! Plus, I must say you're writing is incredibly good. How did you get so skilled at writing in English?

    Much love,

  2. This outfit is just so chic and elegant, I just adore your skirt - such a beautiful style :)

  3. Really nice maxi skirt and blog ! Nice to discover you and your blog !

  4. I adore your entire outfit! Absolutely wonderful and something that I would definitely wear! I am in LOVE with you rings!Your blog is amazing! Check out my blog?
    maddie claire

  5. Thank you all so much, you're lovely:)


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)