Autumn street festival

September 06, 2011

So,as you might now, I spent Saturday evening at a wonderful street festival. It was really cute, there were a lot of little cafes in backyards and people were selling stuff on the streets. There were also 2 stages, but since it started to rain we decided that it would be better to leave.
From the market I got myself a lot of postcards( some of them I'm going to send to my penfriend!) and a bracelet with skulls! I know, it's not really my thing, but they look more like pearls and I like some edginess in my jewellery box .
For the day I chose a comfy fall outfit, that would also be warm! Because I get cold really easily. This sweater that I bought in summer was perfect and since I'm not that scandalous I wore shorts underneath. Plus my yellow tights were a great match with the fallen leaves.
( The last picture was taken the next morning at Kaisa's. Her cat came home for breakfast and I couldn't resist petting her. Orange cat's are absolutely my favourites!)
sweater- thrifted
shoes- random brand
bag- thrifted


  1. <3 top
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  2. aww your cat is cute.. and lovee your braided hair a lot! p.s. I entered a blogger contest and I really need you to 'like' my picture.. it only takes a second. I'd really appreciated. here is an explanation:

  3. Wonderful outfit! Love the sweater and the tights! So perfect! And those umbrellas are so much fun!

  4. You look lovely! and love your yellow tights.. :) -akiko

  5. Cool tights! Cute cat!

  6. Cute look! Great contrast between bright stockings & navy knit ^^

    xx indie by heart

  7. Thank you so so much, lovelies !


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