TFW day 2 shows

September 17, 2011

2 shows, 6 designers and an outrageously busy day.

The first designer, whose collection I saw was Marija Posledova. It featured lots of cut-outs and draping. The colours were mostly grey and black. Therefore it was a bit boring to watch. But I liked the make-up on the models and over-all it was a quite good show.

The next one was Inrgid Paats' show. Not to be very critical, but that was my least favourite show. Yes, the clothes were OK, actually I really liked some of the pieces, but what was the most disturbing were the models. The show had one good model, the others couldn't even walk in high heels. It took most of the attention off the clothes. The show was all about contrasts so all the outfits were different and not really unified. My favourite pieces were the pink shirt with sequins and the nude skirt with the corset top.

The third one was Diana Denissova. The beginning of the show was really promising. Lots of sequins, lace, nude colours and feminine cuts. But towards the end, I didn't like it a lot. One of my favourite items was the knitted dress, something I definitely would like to own. And the model on the first picture was my favourite, her face was always smiling and she was incredibly graceful.

The next show also had three designers. The first one of them was Natalia Jansone, a Latvian designer. I didn't really like her collection. It was also mostly black and gray, the cuts weren't that interesting and what's up with the hats ?! It was quite boring to watch, since it was not very versatile.

Then came Piret Ilves' collection. That was really sweet. I liked the cute and girly skirts, simple but elegant cuts and the colours. I especially liked the bow tie headbands, they were adorable ! The model's make-up was also very simple, I liked the fuchsia pink lips, that added more colour to the outfits.

The last designer of the day was Britt Samoson. As I said in my last post, it was definitely the best show of the day. In the beginning it had an awesome video installation, that continued throughout the show. The music was great. The models looked amazing(and could walk). The clothes were spectacular. The collection was a masterpiece. The pictures really don't do it justice, you had to be there to experience it all.

pictures c/o Jelena Rudi(Elu24) and Janne Luigla(What a Fashion)


  1. amazing pics! love the first pics!

    nice bloog!! come to see mine?^^


  2. I love all the nude dresses...


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