TFW day 3 shows

September 18, 2011

On Friday I attended 2 shows at TFW. In my opinion it was the best day, all the shows were great and professional and the last one was outstanding. But we'll get to that :)

At the first show there were two designers. The first of them was Oksana Tandit. It was a lovely collection. The main theme was a bold polka-dot print, which was in great contract with the colours. The clothes were feminine and fun. I especially liked the colours and the fantastic cuts of the dresses. And also, the models had fabulous earrings.

Then came Kristina Viirpalu's collection. All the models wore headscarves and they reminded me of Little Red Riding Hood. I really liked the knitted dresses and the stockings were just amazing! It was also a great collection, full of feminine details. I liked the bold usage of fur and bright red!

The third show was Embassy of Fashion, which consists of three designers- Aldo Järvsoo, Riina Põldroos and Ketlin Bachmann-Põldroos. To me, it was the absolute best show of whole fashion week. The show had live music, a garage band called Junk Riot played and the models walked really powerfully. They also had a wonderful light show. And of course, the clothes were extremely wonderful ! It was all about power . The models wore outrageous headpieces by Tanel Veenre, resembling a bit of the Statue of Liberty. I really really really liked the show. Embassy of Fashion is what you would call the big guns of Estonian fashion design.
My favourite piece of the collection was the long silver dress. I can't really see myself in it, but it's absolutely the epitome of rocker chic and together with the music and lights, it stole my heart.

The absolutely wonderful designers who managed to put together the best show.

photos c/o Teet Malsroos (Õhtuleht) and Jelena Rudi (Elu24)

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