And we danced all night in the shadows..

October 18, 2011

Here's what I wore to the best concert of my life. A proper night-out outfit, I think (I actually wore it to a party a few weeks ago, but no pictures of that night.. ).
The shirt was actually my father's, but every time he wore it I kept saying how cool it was and he decided to give it to me . I love the glittery cardigan, but it wasn't the wisest choice, considering that I waited outside the concert hall for 1,5 hours to get great spots. But it was worth it, because I was basically in the second row.
And my boots got a proper first wear.
I'm still under the spell of HURTS, but I won't bore you with the songs. Because I'd probably post at least 5 of them, they're all equally great.

p.s. I love the light on these pictures.

 cardigan- pepper corn (from the flea market)
shorts- thrifted
shirt- from my dad
boots- angelo carutti from kaubamaja
bag- thrifted
rings- vintage
bracelet- from the flea market


  1. ilusad papud ja HURTS endiselt hea!!

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  3. love your shirt ..want it tooo:)


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