Taking a break

October 23, 2011

Next week is going to be a week full of everything I want to to, not have to do, because it's finally fall break !! Among my plans are: shopping, movies, pool, cafes, coffee, gossip girl, how I met your mother, reading, knitting etc.

I already spent a couple of wonderful days at Tartu, visiting friends and of course thrift shopping. I got a few sweaters, a ruby ring ( not real ofc ! ), a beautiful sheer shirt and a parka'ish coat !!

But here's what I usually wear/wore to school. My trusty trench, best boots in the world, a wonderful hat that I found in my mom's closet and a warm scarf. I can absolutely feel the fall crispiness sneaking in.. well, actually, it's very much here already. And as much as I love first snow, the magical feeling of winter and of course Christmas, I don't want it to arrive yet. I just want to adore the golden leaves a bit more, at least until they're on the trees(which is not for long anymore!).

What are your plans for the week ?

trench- h&m(from the flea market)
boots- angelo carutti from kaubamaja
bag- jouni exclusive
scarf- burberry
hat- vintage
brooch- vintage


  1. love how the hat gives the touch of color to the outfit!!!! ;)


  2. very nice outfit!love the trench!

  3. cute outfit :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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  4. The hat is cute. And I really love the trenchcoat with the scarf, so Burberry.


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