Playbox 2011

November 20, 2011

The competition at our school that I told you about was as fun as always. It's one of the highlights of every schoolyear and we have taken part 8 years now. It's always weeks and weeks of preparing for this one night. So was this year. We chose our song to be Oh Land - Sun of a gun. And with the help of our wonderful friends, we added a dubstep version to it.
We were the second ones to perform , so the stage fright went away quite quickly. For the rest of the night we could happily enjoy ourselves, until the jury came on stage. Turns out, WE WON ! We have never won before and finally, our efforts paid off. It felt unbelievably good to go on stage and accept our prize, which was a bag of random goodies, a cake that tasted as sweet as victory, shampaign and the best of them all- we get to make a music video for the dance !! How awesome is that !
I have a video and some pictures to show you. For some reason there was a projector which blocked the perfect view, but just look past that.






  1. You look amazing and congrats! :)

  2. Wow, palju õnne! :) Aga te tegite selle remixi ise? Väga super. Mulle täiga meelbib see laul ja teie versioon ka. Äkki sa saad selle ka kuhugi üles panna? :D

  3. me täname :)

    @ anon : jah, tegime ise. muidu dubstepi versioon on youtube's olemas, aga meie versiooni mul pole ja ma ei usu,et keegi viitsib selle üleslaadimisega tegelda. :D


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)