A decade in the dark

November 17, 2011

This week has been quite hectic. We have a competition at school, where you basically have to copy a singer/song. Our group has always taken part in it. As always, we chose a singer that's not very famous and known, so it would be difficult to compare us with her. But our dance gets more complicated every year, so I've spent most of my free time on dancing . But it's awesome, I promise. ( It's on Friday, and I'll definitely post the video here too ).
These pictures were taken last Saturday, also during our rehearsal. It was about three o'clock and it was getting dark outside. It's like living in the polar night or something, because the weather is so gloomy and dark. As you can see, it's no inspiration for dressing in bright colours.
The coat on the pictures is the fabulous thing I got from Tartu. I've been wearing it ever since and it's perfect for our weather right now, not too cold, not too warm. And the parka'ish shape is perfection .
Tonight I'm going to the ballett with Getter and Kaisa, woohoo !

coat- thrifted, but originally from h&m
scarf- burberry
bag- thrifted
boots- angelo carutti from kaubamaja
jeans- gina tricot

 pictures by Getter.


  1. I love your boots! And that competition sounds like so much fun!! Can't wait to see the video of it =D

  2. I've just found your blog and I love it. And the competition sounds so cool! I'm a new follower and if you get bored, come check out my blog as well.

  3. I love this look! What a great way to be fashionable on a rainy day. :)

    Good luck with your competition!

    I'm a new follower - would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you're interested!


  4. Cool boots ! ^^

    Weather is pretty similar up here, wet and chilly. Hate it .. :D

    Have a nice weekend,
    xx indie by heart


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