Who turned a pencil into a skirt ?

November 10, 2011

Some years ago in the very start of this blog, I was completely obsessed with Gossip Girl. As you know, my favourite character is Blair and I was certain that I was a true Blair also ( I had also read all the books, so I liked her even before the TV show ) . So I needed a lot of feminine skirts and of course headbands in my wardrobe. This pencil skirt was basically the first one I got and thus began my skirt-obsession ( yes, I feel a bit like a writer from the Middle Ages, when I write thus.. ). This skirt has bravely stayed with me, even though I've given all the headbands to my sister.

I decided to pair this relic of my wardrobe with a funky sweater I got from Tartu. It just happened, that as a contrast to the straight lines of the sweater, all the accessories are perfectly round. With all the black and white going on in the outfit, my nails are the only colourful thing on these pictures !

sweater -thrifted
skirt- Jus d'Orange (from kaubamaja)
shoes- random brand
bag- JOUNI exclusive
watch- random
ring- self made

pictures by Getter.

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