Christmas wishlist

December 07, 2011

My humble Christmas wishes for this year:

1. a nice round scarf
2. polka-dot tights
3. a classic Casio watch, this particular one is from
4. comfy and cute socks
5. a charm bracelet
6. a perfume, I had about 4 options that Santa could choose from, the YSL Parisienne was one of them
7. Jamie Oliver's recipe book, this "Meals in minutes" would definitely be used a lot
8. Hurts Happiness Deluxe CD
    (and Sinatra's CD also, preferably with Christmas songs)


  1. Ooo those tights look glittery :D likey the socks too!

  2. Very cute!! I'm going to have to go do a bit of shopping it seems. :)

    Check out my new post on holiday hair :)



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