December 05, 2011

Told you I'd be indoors from now on - hence the no shoes look. I still haven't managed to lose the flu and get back my voice..
It seems that whenever I get a new piece of clothing I have to wear it a dozen times before I can let go and consider putting on other clothes. The same thing is with this sweater. This time I decided to pair it with a cute floral skirt , which I think hasn't been on the blog yet. I actually made it in the beginning of last summer ( in 2009 ) . And the necklace is a DIY beauty from last winter, also rediscovered.
I wore this outfit on the weekend. We just had a nice cozy night in at Getter's. Our original plan was to study.. yeah, right. Eventually we made pizza, fondue and watched "Catch me if you can". The movie was brilliant. I loved that it was based on a true story, young Leonardo was oh-so-handsome and so incredibly clever and intelligent.

Also, meet Getter's cat Ronja. I think she likes me, because she came and sat next to me and started purring.  She looked like the sweetest furball ever. And then she bit be. I think she totally lives up to her name. 

sweater- s.Oliver
necklace- selfmade
pictures by Getter.


  1. ugh, sorry!

    nice skirt :)
    and lovely kitty! ♥

  2. Poleks kunagi arvanudki, et seelik on enda tehtud. Aga eks sul on osavad käed, oskad ilusti asju meisterdada.

  3. the necklace looks pretty with that sweater! lovely :)

  4. ADORABLE skirt!!



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