Different in a good way

December 17, 2011

Another week has passed without a proper blog post, my sincere apologies for that. We took these pictures after school on Friday and it was already getting dark ( at 3 in the afternoon !) . Because we live close to the polar night, under grey clouds and in a land with no snow. That's also why the pictures look kind of .. vintage and different, in a cool way.  Let's hope that it won't be a black Christmas !

About the outfit.. The skirt is actually a dress, that I've also worn here and here, but as a top. I'm a bit hesitant about tight tube dresses, so this time I decided to use it as a skirt instead. My favourite black-and-white pieces to go with it plus my mother's boots and voila!

Those who follow me on twitter, might know that I found "How To Steal a Million " and of course I immediately had to buy it. Yesterday I decided to watch it and I must say that it was wonderful. All the clothes were really beautiful and Audrey was fantastic and Peter O'Toole was also very handsome and altogether it was a great movie. "Tiffany's" is my favourite, but this one is not far behind.

Tonight, we're having a girl's night at my house, watching old Disney cartoons and doing all kinds of Christmas stuff. On the menu are gingerbread, glögg, cocoa and tangerines. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone !

skirt - is actually a dress from gina tricot
suede blazer-vintage
necklace- h&m
boots-tamaris (borrowed from my mother)
ring- self made
pictures by Getter.


  1. great! u look so cute and gorgeous.
    xoxo :)

  2. Need saapad on imearmsad ja Sa ise oled ka väga armas ja päikseline. :)
    Aga üks küsimus, ma pole inglise keeles niii hea, mida tähendab tangerines? (see on teksti eelviimases lauses)

  3. Chic as always! love the collared shirt and booties, I've been wearing similar look myself past few days for winter! hope you and the girls had a fun and relaxing wkend, Disney movies are always so fun :)
    Thanks for stopping by again on my blog.
    Monica - Le chic world xo

  4. lovee the outfits, the yellow dress is soo cutee!


  5. Thank you so much everyone :)
    @ anon:ma tänan. tangerines on mandariinid :)

  6. Nice spot of colour, that skirt ! ^^ Looking lovely, girl :>

    xx indie by heart

  7. Love how you combined classic b&w top with yellow skirt and necklace! Great look!

  8. I absolutely ADORE the skirt!!

  9. ooh, I love this outfit! The pop of yellow is just perfect. I borrow clothes from my mom too--it is quite nice!

  10. The dress has a whole new lease of life styled this way? Looks good. Hope you had a wonderful time with your friends. Xxxx

  11. You're stunning. Great outfit.

  12. this outfit is absolutly stunniong


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)