The magical first

January 03, 2012

I wore my gift from AX Paris for the first time today, in the first post of the new year. I chose this adorable dress for many-many reasons. As I've told you, it was a really difficult choice, but this dress was the winner. Why? Because it's versatile, comfortable, fitted, has a lovely colour and it has pockets! What more can you want from a dress..

I decided to pair it with my cape and a faux-fur collar. I wore a cardigan underneath for warmth, because as you can see, we finally have snow ! It's kind of a wet and melting snow, but it still looked great against today's winter sun. Overall this outfit is kind of a winter version of this simple look from autumn.

dress - c/o AX Paris
cape - tintoretto from kaubamaja
boots- tamaris ( borrowed from my mother)
fur collar- from my other coat (pta)
necklace - expressions
ring- random fabric store
pictures by Getter.


  1. Nii hea näed välja :) Ilusat uut aastat!

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  4. Awesome ideas put together i find here.

  5. very pretty!

  6. You look sooo pretty! I adore that dress :) I really like the boots, too!

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  8. gorgeous pictures! love your dress and cape!


  9. You look lovely :) I like the dress!


  10. Hi, your blog is awesome. I really like it.
    You got a new reader. :)

  11. Adorable photos and I'm so jealous of the snow you have! We're still hoping to get snow where I live.
    Love the dress though, and your necklace is so cute. It's very unique, I love it!

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  14. Love the red against the snow. You look gorgeous. The necklace is just too adorable for words, and we have the same fox ring =p


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