To post or not to post

January 14, 2012

After long hesitation I decided to post these pictures taken last Friday (?) , when I went to play pool with Getter. It was a rainy day and the pictures didn't turn out that great, but now, I still decided to post them, because there's quite a small change of a new outfit post soon, due to the lack of proper weather, time, light and personal photographer. So these will have to do.

I decided to wear my recent new buys: this incredibly cozy sweater from H&M and the lovely orange shirt I found when I went thrift-shopping. I paired them with my vintage Armani jeans, oh yeah, I'm that fabulous. The coolest things are the details, really. I lovelovelove the elbow patches and the bracelets just match the colours perfectly.

Enjoy your weekends, everyone !

shirt - thrifted
sweater- h&m
bag- thrifted
jeans- armani
boots- angelo carutti from kaubamaja
red ring - flea market
braided bracelet - DIY
beaded bracelet - street market
silver bracelet- Christmas present
pictures by Getter.


  1. you look seriously adorable, i'm so glad you posted these :). that blouse and sweater are perfect!


  2. kas sul külm ei ole keset talve selliste riietega käia? Pigem sobiks need ju sügisesse/kevadesse :)

  3. @ anonymous: loomulikult on mul ka mantel seljas, aga lihtsalt õues on parem valgus piltide jaoks :)

  4. Glad you posted them, you look too cute!

  5. Great pieces and fantastic style. love it.

  6. Sweater is amazing! I love that red ring too! The things you pick up at flea markets hey! x

  7. Love love love that elbow patch. And the green bag against the maroon looks amazing. Love ur blog

    Please drop by to mine :)

  8. serious cute! loves that sweater... ;)


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)