Different shades of blue

March 21, 2012

Oh Land - Helicopter

I spent this beautiful spring day with Getter, going around thrift stores and playing pool ! I think it was the first time I actually didn't find anything from the thrift stores, I only bought two extremely cheap pairs of shoes from a  sale.
As you know, I want to wear my new clothes all the time, so again, here come the black jeans. Paired them with a magical t-shirt that I got from my dad and my denim shirt. The only thing I missed , was a pair of sunglasses. It was rainy during the morning, when I went out and you know, how it always happens that when you take your sunglasses with you, you don't need them ? Well, I decided to avoid that and enjoy the sun. The weather was actually so warm, that in the sunshine,  I didn't need my coat. Hello, spring ! ( here's hoping that I didn't jinx it ..)

Veetsin tänase ilusa kevadpäeva Getteriga, käisime kaltsukates ja piljardit mängimas. Ma arvan, et see on esimene kord, kui ma kaltsukatest mitte midagi ei ostnud, leidsin ainult ühelt allahindluselt kaks paari eriti odavaid kingi.
Ma olen juba varemgi öelnud, et alati, kui ma endale midagi uut saan, siis kannan seda kogu aeg. Samamoodi on nende teksadega, sel korral kandsin neid hoopis oma isalt saadud imelise t-särgiga ja teksapluusiga. 

p.s. quite a lot of goofy pictures included !

 jeans- vero moda
denim shirt- calvin klein
t-shirt- from my dad
boots- angelo carutti
bag- diy
pictures by Getter.


  1. Loving the blues in this outfit!! And your jewellery is amazing, especially the rings!! I love your boots too, so lovely - I'm so glad it's finally becoming Spring!!

  2. Esimene piljardipilt on päris, hmm, äge. Päikest!
    K. :)

  3. you are absolutely adorable girl! totally loving this entire outfit!! and i love the mix of blues!
    xo TJ


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