March 16, 2012

Muse - Feeling good


I've wanted to take pictures of this outfit for so long and yesterday was the right day for that. The pictures were taken about an hour before I had my wisdom tooth removed, so right now I'm writing to you looking a bit like a hamster and being able to only eat soft food. But it's alright.
Before that, we went to see "The Iron Lady". Can't really say that it's a movie I would suggest. It was quite depressive and sad, although Meryl Streep's performance was indeed Oscar-worthy.
Also, I can't express how much I love my new black jeans. Back in autumn I was complaining how I need a new totally black pair of skinny jeans and by some miracle I accidentally found them at Vero Moda for only 5 euros. Keeping the outfit simple and neutral with just a pop of colour. And yes, the sunglasses add that I'm-a-movie-star-hiding-from-the-paparazzi touch.Which is probably why I went for the fierce look.
By the way, my picture was taken for Mood magazine's streetstyle section yesterday !! Can't wait for the next issue.

See on üks komplekte, mis on mul nii kaua peas olnud ja lõpuks leidsin õige päeva, et seda pildistada. Enne piltide tegemist käisin vaatamas filmi "Raudne leedi", mis mulle tegelikult eriti ei meeldinud, kuna see oli ikka suhteliselt masendavates toonides, kuigi Meryl Streep näitles tõesti hästi.
Esimest korda kannan blogis ka oma uusi musti teksaseid, millest ma juba sügisel nii väga puudust tundsin. Leidsin need Vero Modast ainult 5 euro eest ning need on tõepoolest perfektsed. Outfit iseeneesest on tohutult lihtne , ainult prillid+müts combo lisab veidike dramaatilisust. 
Muide, eile tehti minust pilt ajakirja MOOD tänavamoe rubriigi jaoks. Nüüd tahaks juba nii väga järgmist numbrit näha !

jeans- vero moda
top- pta
cape- monton
hat- vintage
sunglasses- seppälä
boots- tamaris
bag- thrifted
rings- selfmade
pictures by Getter.


  1. Väga armas, lihtne ja kevadine. See jakk näeb megakena välja ja selline lihtsus sobib sulle. :)

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