It's in the shoes

June 06, 2012

Some weeks ago I received these wonderful shoes from Oasap and finally I decided to take pictures with them. I'd wanted red shoes for so long and these ones are great. Despite the awesomely high heel, they're one of the most comfortable shoes I own. No joke. Also, they're red and suede-like, so what's not to like?
To fully make the shoes the stars of my outfit, I went with simple black jeans and a white shirt. And the hat made me want my own little MJ moment. Badass, right?
Don't be fooled by the short sleeves, it's actually cold here. Tomorrow I'm going to Helsinki with Getter and Kaisa and I hope it will actually be something more like summer. At least we have shopping and food to keep us warm.

Mõni aeg tagasi saadeti mulle OASAPist need imelised punased kingad ja lõpuks tegin nendega pildid ka. Ma olen juba päris pikka aega endale punaseid kingi tahtnud ja need on tõesti lahedad. Kuigi neil on hästi kõrge konts, on nad ikkagi ühed mugavaimad kingad, mis mul on. Et need kingad ikka kindlalt silma paistaksid, kandsin neid koos must-valgete riietega. Lihtne ja lööv, ei ?
Homme läheme Getteri ja Kaisaga Helsingisse šoppama ja niisama linna vaatama.

shoes - c/o OASAP
jeans- vero moda
shirt- thrifted
hat- lindex
bracelets- diy


  1. Wonderful outfit!

  2. wonderful shoes <3 looks very good on you :)

  3. The perfect outfit! Perfect!

    Nice blog!
    I'm following it of course!
    Check out mine!

  4. now i know why i didn't get them any more. when i wanted to order them they were sold out already. buhuhuuu. :-/

    head + heels

  5. dem shoes, killing me softly!


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