Sponsor spotlight: Sugarlips

August 10, 2012

I'd like to introduce you to my newest sponsor - Sugarlips! It's an online clothing store, where fashion bloggers rule. And indeed, they do! Most of there clothes are modelled and styled by bloggers and featured on the site. How cool is that? And I'm so happy to become a part of Sugarlips.
Browsing the site is just so much fun! All the clothes looks so special and unique and if I could, I'd like to own them all. Another cool thing is the descriptions and names the clothes have. They're so imaginative and inspiring.
My order hasn't arrived yet, but here is my selection of some of the coolest clothes on the site!

Tahaksin teile tutvustada oma uut sponsorit - Sugarlips! See on hästi armas internetipood, mis on väga tugevalt seotud blogijatega.
Selles poes ringi vaatamine on nii põnev! Kõik riided on hästi erilised ja ilusad. Eriti vahvad on minu arust riiete kirjeldused ja nimed, need on nii armsad ja inspireerivad.
Kuna minu tellimus pole veel kohale jõudnud, siis panin kokku mõned oma lemmikud!


  1. Nice pieces!


  2. no2 and 5 is my favourite. great blog+post.
    how about we follow each other?

  3. The dress, number 1 is awesome, really love it



  4. I love Sugarlips!! They have a great collection!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Evi xoxo

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