Borrowed from grandparents

August 13, 2012

Finally, after a pause in outfit posts that seems like months, I'm back on track.
This is kind of my first knowing attempt at mixing prints. Checkered blazer vs floral bag. Something a grandad might wear vs something a grandmom might wear. I even saw an old man with a really similar blazer in the bus and standing right next to him, I think we both were laughing a bit. That was one of those moments, where I wish that someone would randomly take a picture. The bag is a newfound love from Sarenza and I just adore it for the floral print and the cool satchel shape and the colours!
Of course I had to pair the prints with basics and my go-to basic this summer is that nude skirt. I'm so so happy that I made that, it goes with everything is my wardrobe, seriously.
Have a great week, people!

Lõpuks olen oma postitustega taas järjele saamas ja pausikeselt tagasi.
See outfit on ilmselt mu esimene teadlik katse kanda koos mitut erinevat mustrit. Ruuduline pintsak ja lilleline kott koos mõjuvad nagu need oleksid vanaema ja vanaisa riidekappidest leitud. Ma nägin isegi bussis sarnase pintsakuga meest ja tema kõrval seista oli päris naljakas. Sellistel hetkedel ma soovin, et keegi teeks sellest olukorrast pilti. Ja mulle nii-nii meeldib see kott ja kõik selle juures!
Muidugi pidin mustire kõrvale ka midagi ühevärvilist sobitama ja minu selle suve lemmik-basic on see isetehtud maksiseelik. See sobib vist kõigega mu riidekapis ja ma olen ikka väga õnnelik, et ma selle endale viitsisin teha!
Suurepärast nädalat kõigile!

 blazer- vila
bag- pieces c/o
skirt- diy
top- pta 
ring- diy
 pictures by Getter.


  1. oo see kott on nii ilus:) ja seelik on ka ikka väga kena:))

  2. I think I fell in love... Just kidding (or maybe not).
    This is a perfect attire. I would probably love to see you try the same outfit with some black pumps ;)
    Hope that you´re having a great day.

    C. (Your happy new follower)

  3. okay, seriously, could you be any cuter? absolutely love this look!
    xo TJ

  4. Great maxi skirt! This look is so "Annie Hall"! =)

  5. I like this mix, especially bag!)

  6. love the skirt and the bag!

  7. Haha I know the feeling - I thrift a lot of clothes and dress in a vintage style a lot so the similarities to old people are astounding. That said, old people have the best style.

  8. wow I really love this outfit! I think my favourites pieces are the blazer and the bag, love the prints :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  9. I love your stylish look!original ...
    Thank you for coming to my blog ..
    Bag is so good!

  10. I LOVE your blazer! It reminds me from my favourite scene from Anne Hall when she comes out in a pant suit in that brown check fabric. I'm also in love with your bag, Two thumbs up lady.

    xx Jenee C.

  11. Hey,

    congrats on making it into the Links a la Mode this week! Well deserved!

    Best, Jenny

  12. Congrats on being in LALM this week! Nice to connect with you!

  13. Cute outfit



Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)