January 16, 2013

alt-J - Breezeblocks

Finally a new outfit post! I'm really sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.
This is the first time for one of my favourite recent purchases to appear on the blog- the plaid jeans. I had had them on my wishlist for months and then I accidentally came across them on an online auction site, had them altered a bit by my mom and poof! Now I'm the owner of a cool pair of jeans.
Also, with this outfit I understood the importance of having a great classic black coat. Simplicity at its best, really. To be completely honest with you, this isn't my coat, but I borrowed it from Getter, for the sake of having better (and warmer) pictures and some versatility. No harm in doing that, right? And I still haven't stopped wearing plain sweaters and collared shirts non-stop. They are my absolute go-to on a lazy morning.

See on esimene kord kui minu viimase aja lemmikost blogis kajastub, nimelt need ruudulised püksid. Ma olen endale juba päris mitu kuud selliseid teksaseid tahtnud ning kogemata leidsin need'st, mu ema kohendas neid veidi ja ongi mul täpselt sellised püksid nagu tahtsin! 
Samuti avastasin, kui oluline on omada üht lihtsat ja klassikalist musta mantlit. Kui nüüd täielikult aus olla, siis see ei ole minu mantel, vaid laenasin selle Getterilt, kes lahkelt lubas mul seda piltide ajaks kanda. Aga toredama outfiti nimel ju võib? Ning ma ei ole veel jätnud ka tavaliste kampsunite ja kraega pluuside kandmist. Laiskadel hommikutel haaran just nende poole.

jeans- amisu
sweater- thrifted
shirt- ralph lauren
coat- borrowed from my friend
boots- tamaris
necklace- thrifted
pictures by Getter M.


  1. Väga vinged püksid!


  2. Nii lihtne aga samas kena :)

  3. Love your trousers!
    Your blog and style is stunning :)

    sanita from


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