Au Revoir, Shoshanna!

July 31, 2010

I watched " Inglorious Bastards" on Thursday with my dad, and that phrase has been haunting me ever since. I thought that if I wrote it here, maybe it would go away :) I have had kind of a Tarantino-movies-week. On Sunday we watched Pulp Fiction, then on Monday "Four rooms" and then the bastards. WE would have watched more, but all of the video rentals in Tallinn don't have his movies. So sad..
Anyway, we had a small movie night at Getter's yesterday. We watched" The orphan" And "Eagle vs shark". Well, the first one was scary.. not killing-wise, but it was so psychologic and played with people's nerves. The main reason, why we chose this movie, is because the orphan was from Estonia. It was so funny watching, how all the doctors spoke"Estonian" :)
The other movie was a cute indie-love-comedy. In YouTube, the trailer's first commentary is " like new Zealand Napoleon Dynamite". And it was exactly like that. But cute :)
a must-have mainstream photo :) recently i've taken pictures with my old-school camera, it is so much fun! The sky on this picture is so amazing!
thrifted top, thrifted shorts, selfmade ring, bracelets from my mom, bag from flea market, vintage sunnies
matching shoes- don't ask. getter somehow had four similar pairs of ugly-ugly shoes, and we wore them the whole evening :) Getter got hold of the camera and decided to be artsy, Merelle, Annabel and I had to pose .. :)

Olen viimasel ajal nii palju filme vaadanud. Isaga oli Tarantino filmide nädal, kuigi kuna Tallinnas videolaenutustes eriti ta filme pole, vaatasime kolme: Pulp Fiction, Four rooms ja Inglorious Bastards. Eile oli Getteri juures filmiõhtu ja vaatasime filme" Orb" ja " Eagle vs Shark". Orb oli õudne, mitte selle pärast, et seal oleks liiga palju tapmist olnud, aga see oli nii psühholoogiline ja mängis närvidega. Põhiline põhjus, miks me seda vaatasime oli selle pärast, et see orb on Eesti vaimuhaiglast pärit. Nii naljakas oli vaadata kuidas inimesed "eesti" keelt rääkisid.
Teine film oli hästi armas indie-armastuskomöödia. tohutult sarnane Napoleon Dynamite'iga :)

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  1. great outfit. I love your bag.xx


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