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August 12, 2010

Yes, I'm alive. Since the last post, I've been away at badminton camp and then we went to Lithuania. Camp was tough. Training three times a day and the muscle pain.. but it was so worth it.
The trip to Lithuania was GREAT! I can't put it to words really, so here is a small selection of the pictures :)
With my father in a restaurant in Vilnius. The four of us ordered a meal called Pitchfork and it was six pieces of meat on a pitchfork :) Although I regret not getting the zeppelins, which are a national dish of Lithuania.
The roofs of Vilnius.  It was amazing, but we didn't get to see the city a lot, because we didn't have much time.
In an open air museum, somewhere near Kaunas. They had made a small village of such houses and it was supercute :)
With my aunt.:)
Jachts in the wonderful and so very peaceful Nida.

The hill of crosses in Šiauliai.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Your top in the first picture is really pretty. I would love to go to Lithuania someday!

  2. üü palvehelmed, sa oleks võinud mõne mulle rottida :D kusjuures mu ema on neid zeppelinse söönud ja need olid suht jubedad!

  3. C. It's actually a dress :)
    Miss Logue: seal ristimäel oli nii püha atmosfäär, ma isegi ei mõelnud sellele, aga palangas müüdi neid :)

  4. vau, ma olen alati tahtnud sinna ristimäele minna! väga cool tundub olevat :P

  5. Really good post!


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