in grandpa's breathing room

September 19, 2010

Yesterday was Getter's birthday. It was so fun. Bunch of derps, retards, rednecks and many others. I also made outfit shots, but i don't have them yet, so here are just pics of the party :)

This is what I gave her. She liked a cupboard in a shop a lot, she showed it to me years ago, and I decided to make her one myself. This is our old cupboard and I just painted it :)

The boys made prank calls and when we were singing to Getter and she was preparing to blow the candles and an old lady on the other side of the phone was convinced, that we had the wrong number. Really?

Getter got a really cool necklace from Kaisa( with a vintage camera) and we discovered her flash and took lots of cool pics with it :)

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